About Us

When we say “dental complex,” we may first think of a hospital-like setting. But we are changing that perception! Only 20 minutes away from the new Istanbul Airport. You can feel comfortable and comfortable in the modern and modern Kayaşehir Dental Clinic.

We are witnessing the emergence of a situation. for this reason ; We tried to create a peaceful environment in the waiting room.

Unlike traditional dental clinics, you will feel comfortable here, on the contrary, you will feel comfortable. We've thought of the smallest details, from the collection of popular magazines in our spacious and spacious waiting area, to the widescreen TVs with your favorite movies, to the soothing music that will help you get through your busy schedule. First of all, a warm smile will accompany you from the moment you enter until you leave.

The latest, best, oldest articles, best deals and practices based on the vacation you deserve. Kayaşehir Dental Clinic is your only address for healthy teeth and a perfect smile in Istanbul! It's also in Istanbul; It is a dental and dental clinic with an area of ​​400 square meters where you can find orthodontics, dental treatment and digital smile design.

Our clinic staff under the leadership of Dr. Nihan Hazar and Dr. Amir Shani El Dahan consists of qualified and experienced doctors. Always believe in yourself the beautiful smile, the gorgeous one, and the perfect scent.

We are sure you are trying to get rid of bad dental clinic memories from your mind! For this reason, we give you great experiences and memories to look back on.

Increase your confidence

Are you ready for a nice and beautiful smile. As of today, we continue to serve our valuable patients by moving them to a much larger area of ​​400 square meters. With our experience in medicine for more than ten years, we look forward to seeing you, our valued patients, among us

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